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Real U Boot Camp

Real U Boot Camp

Getting into shape doesn't need to be daunting and that's why we recommend the Real You Boot Camp. It incorporates the camaraderie and teamwork enjoyed in Soldiers of Fitness, without the high impact on your joints. It is action packed and result oriented versus high impact and hard-core. The Real You Boot Camp has been specifically designed for those who may not possess a high level of fitness, are recovering from an injury, or are new to fitness as a whole.


There are many reasons that a person might need a preliminary fitness course such as The Real U Beginner boot camp:

  • Sports, Work or Motor Vehicle Accident related injury
  • Lack of previous fitness training
  • Reduced mobility
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Being inactive for a long period of time
  • Recent Pregnancy
  • Lack of Motivation

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Real U Boot Camp


#300 8944 182 Street
Edmonton, AB
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