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An orthotic is a device that goes in your shoe to control abnormal foot and leg motion without limiting normal motion. Unlike a one size fits all foot-bed or an insole that you would find "off the shelf", a custom orthotic is molded specifically to your foot using careful measurements to capture your foot's unique shape. A good custom orthotic actually changes the position of your foot in a very specific way to assure that your foot will function in its neutral position. It must carefully conform to the unique contours of your foot and be sufficiently supportive to maintain those contours under the weight of your feet.

To determine if you need orthotics, it is best to see us for an evaluation. We will explain to you why you will benefit from a custom orthotic and give you strength and flexibility exercises to make sure the orthotic gives you the greatest possible benefit. If you don't need a custom orthotic, we have other ways of addressing your problems through exercise, education, and proper shoes. Book an appointment today with one of our qualified therapists.


#300 8944 182 Street
Edmonton, AB
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